3 Ways a Personal Trainer will Improve your Life

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Trainer, Ray Beard and client Demetrius Rushin

Trainer, Ray Beard and client Demetrius Rushin

With all of the workouts, tips, tricks, and fads at your fingertips on the Internet, along with the latest in wearable bio-computing, you may think the need for personal trainers is a thing of the past. It’s easy to see why you might think that you can accomplish your goals all on your own. And we believe you can do great things.

The fact remains, whether you’re just starting a fitness routine or are a veteran exerciser, a well-qualified personal trainer will improve your life, given the chance. We’ve already discussed the ways in which working out with a friend can help you reach your goals. Working out with a trainer has all of those same benefits (accountability, intensity, variety, results) with a few extra bonuses:

1. Customized workouts

Working out with a trainer rather than on your own is like the difference between having your clothes tailor-made to your measurements or settling for clothes with a tag marked “one size fits most.” A well-qualified trainer can craft custom workouts for you that will take into account your body mechanics, your strengths and weaknesses, and your goals. That customization leads directly to the second benefit:

2. Greater efficiency and faster achievement of your goals

Because your trainer will create your workouts just for you and your goals, you’ll work more efficiently and succeed more quickly than when you work through stock workouts from the Internet or the latest magazine. In fact, scientists have recently proven that exercise under the direction of a trainer is more effective than self-directed exercise. As you start to really see changes in your body, and progress toward your fitness goals, your confidence will improve, leading to the third benefit:

Trainer, Mary Beth Chandler and client Michelle Waterman.

Trainer, Mary Beth Chandler and client Michelle Waterman.

We’ve written here about the psychological benefits of exercise. When those inherent benefits of greater activity levels are combined with the feelings of accomplishment that come with achieving your goals, you will be unstoppable. You’ll gain confidence—a key ingredient to success—and all of your life goals will seem that much more attainable.

Can a personal trainer wave a magic wand and achieve all of your life goals? Um, no. But if you’re willing to put in the work with them, a well-qualified trainer can be your partner on the journey to your best self.

Call or stop by the Simon Family JCC to make an appointment with one of our trainers and start the process of changing your life for the better.

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