5 ways to help your heart

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We’ve all heard the ways to fight heart disease; from eating heart healthy to knowing your family history. These facts are everywhere & not adhering to them can be deadly. Even with those sobering outcomes, one in three people in the U.S. remain within an obese weight range. What keeps us from practicing better heart health? Is it just too hard? Maybe we need to start taking small steps to make an even bigger impact. Try these 5 applicable ways to help your heart health:

Load up on Vitamin C: The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that those who took about 500mg of Vitamin C supplements had significantly lower blood pressure after 2 weeks.

Fill up on fruits & vegetables: Fruits & veggies contain many good things for heart health – from fiber to heart aiding vitamins. Eat up for your heart’s sake!

Look on the bright side: Those who are optimistic have healthier hearts according to research in Psychological Bulletin. Findings show those with the glass half full mentally were 50% less likely to suffer from heart attack or stroke, most likely due to the fact that positive emotions are linked to lower risk of heart disease.

Use your resources: This day in age, there are so many resources to aid you on your road to better heart health. Use your phone, computer, library, etc. to make keeping a healthy heart fun.

Schedule screenings: High blood pressure & cholesterol can damage your heart. Take precautions & schedule blood pressure, cholesterol & diabetes screenings. Make them a part of your heart routine.

Source: healthyliving.msn.com, mayoclinic.org

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