5 Ways Working Out with a Friend Can Help You Reach Your Goals

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You know you ought to work out (more). You’ve heard about the physical benefits. You’ve experienced the positive psychological effects. You wouldn’t mind losing a few pounds. You’re definitely going to start working out (more).

But not today.

If the above sounds familiar, you are not alone. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 80% of American adults don’t get enough exercise.

There is good news. Exercise is not something you have to suffer through. Fitness is achieved over time, not overnight, and like most things in life, the achievement is sweeter (and easier to attain) when you have someone to share it with.

Read on for 5 great reasons to find yourself a fitness buddy:

1. Accountability. There’s nothing more motivating than knowing someone is waiting for you. For many of us, getting to the gym is the most difficult part of the workout. You and your workout friend can be each others’ motivation to overcome that most difficult hurdle: showing up. In the words of Barbara A. Brehm, Ed.D., professor, Department of Exercise and Sport Studies, at Smith College in Northampton, MA., “Exercise partners can provide a kind of gentle coercion and limit your negative self-talk.” (As quoted on healthywomen.org)

2. Intensity. When you enjoy your workout buddy’s company, the time spent exercising disappears more quickly. That’s not just a pleasant side effect, it actually allows you to increase the intensity of your workouts and the amount of time you devote to them. If your workout partner is fitter than you are, the intensity results may be even more noticeable, as a result of what’s known as the Kohler Effect—not wanting to be the weakest link. A little healthy competition might be just what you need!

3. Variety. Unless you and your friend like precisely the same things (yeah, right!), you can use each other to help keep your workouts fresh. Do you like boxing but she prefers Pilates? Take turns choosing the workout and get the benefits of both! (Or check out the Piloxing class…)

4. Results. With numbers 1 through 3 above, you are more likely to stick to your workout schedule, work harder, and see results—in your body, your health, and in your stress levels. Whether you’re hoping to lose pounds, reduce stress, or improve your heart health, working out with a friend can get you there.

5. Fun. We saved the best for last. Working out with a friend will help you turn your “ought to” into a “want to.” Finding yourself a workout partner will help you transform your exercise routine from a chore into a treat. Good for you and fun? Yes, it really can happen.

If you think you have the perfect partner, the Simon Family JCC makes it easy for you both to become members with our referral program. When you refer a friend to the JCC who becomes a member, earn $25 worth of JCC classes and services for yourself.

Haven’t met that perfect workout partner, yet? Maybe you’ll find them in one of our group exercise classes. Check out the schedule for all of your options.

Whatever your fitness goals, the Simon Family JCC staff is here to help get you there. Contact us to get started with the next step on your fitness journey.