A Summer to Remember: Camp JCC

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Camp Blog Potashnik FamilyEach day of Camp JCC is as individual as the children who attend.

Campers bustle with excitement as they enter the Simon Family JCC, talking about the day’s theme, waving to new friends, and asking if it’s time to swim at the water park.

Efi Potashski, like many other parents, walks her children to their classrooms in the morning, and the energy is contagious.

“The music in the morning makes me happy when I walk them in. The atmosphere is fun and upbeat. It makes me want to be a camper, too!” exclaims Efi, who moved to the area one year ago from Israel.

Camp days continue with art, music, games, field trips, lessons, sports, and special surprises.

Once the day is through, the lessons children learn at Camp JCC translate well at home. Robyn Bailey’s children surround her dinner table, sharing their favorite parts of the day.

“My 6 year old was pretending to be the art teacher, leading us in a new technique of coloring he learned, while my 4 year old was proudly singing boom-chicka-boom-boom, and my 3 year old was dancing along,” says Robyn.

“Every day, when my kids come home, they tell us about a new activity that they really enjoyed,” says Lauren Scolnick, mother of 4-year-old Oliver and 6-year-old Henry. “Whether it’s fishing with Mr. Chris, sports class, swim instruction or duck, duck, goose, they have a lot to say about the fun they had. I love that they each see some familiar faces, but also make new friends as well.”

Omer Potashnik, who is 6, says he loves camp field trips and catching fish right in the JCC pond!

“It’s been a wonderful experience, and it is so reassuring as a parent to know that your children are in good hands and that they are having a blast,” says Lauren. “The JCC is able to accommodate all different types of campers, and has activities to interest every kind of child. Our family has had a fabulous summer at Camp JCC.”

Robyn whole-heartedly agrees: “Camp JCC is the total package. It solidifies a sense of comfort, safety, and community.”

“I couldn’t be happier with the experience that my boys had at camp this summer. The counselors and specialists were amazing,” Lauren says. “Erika Eskenazi [Camp Director] did a terrific job getting to know all of the campers, and energetically greeted them by name—each and every morning.”

Camp Blog Turner FamilyCamp JCC: A Hidden Gem
Spencer Turner hadn’t viewed Camp JCC as an option for his children until his wife’s grandparents, who live in San Diego, suggested the young couple tour the Simon Family JCC. The Turner family immediately liked what they saw, and have been camp regulars for two years.

“The place was very welcoming, and we knew from the start that the Camp program would be great for my boys. I am always impressed that the whole staff seems to know not just the boys’ names, but mine as well,” said Spencer.

This year, 2-year-old Mason joined his older brothers, Nathanial and Ayden, at Camp JCC.

“It’s great that they can all be there,” says Spencer, who picks the trio up after work. “Camp keeps them active throughout the day. They’re excited to tell me about what they’ve done, and they’re never bored.”

Spencer said the boys talk about camp on the weekends, asking if they can go to summer camp every day.

When asked what he likes most about camp, Ayden says, “Swimming, swimming, and swimming—every morning and afternoon. And I like free play. Oh! And every kind of sport at camp, even Frisbee and football.”

After noting that all of camp is awesome, the rising first grader at the Hebrew Academy of Tidewater remembers that it was “cool to go with second graders on my bowling trip.”