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From improved mental health to sharper decision-making, a fitter workplace can make a big difference to your business. Our experience is in keeping members motivated and feeling fit. Let us help your employees do the same.  photo jfit-logo_zpscvqdtpqw.png

Healthy people perform better at work.

Improved fitness builds focus and confidence.

Staying in shape reduces health problems.

Regular exercise improves concentration.


Less Sick Days
When programs that focus on the benefits of corporate wellness are implemented, this rate can be drastically reduced. For example, Coors Brewing Company experienced a remarkable 18 percent decrease in employee absenteeism after implementing a corporate wellness program within their workplace.

Lower Healthcare Costs
When employees are healthy and less stressed they tend to rely less on costly programs such as disability insurance and sick leave.

Companies will notice a significant decrease in healthcare costs once they incorporate wellness programs into their workplace. For example, after implementing a fitness program in which only 60 percent of the employees participated, Coca-Cola was able to save $500 per employee every year.

Increased Productivity
Employees who are happy and healthy tend to produce a greater volume of work at a higher quality than unhealthy employees. Employers need to realize that implementing programs that lower fitness and stress levels will increase the overall output of their employees.

Improved Retention
Companies that implement wellness programs normally experience a much lower rate of employee turnover.

Recruiting, marketing and advertising for vacant positions are very costly, not to mention time-consuming. If your employees are happy and healthy and enjoy working at your company, you will be able to focus more time and energy on actually getting the job done.

The bottom line is you should take advantage of the benefits of corporate wellness. Make it a goal to implement a program as soon as possible – don’t wait until most of your employees are stressed, sick or applying to other jobs.


Company full pay option

  • Discounted membership for a company that pays for its employees in full.

Employee discount

  • Individual direct debit
  • Couples / Families can be included with this discount

JCC Corporate Program is a proactive approach that truly engages each employee, so they can receive the best care needed to reach their goals.


  • Discounted membership price
  • All amenities the JCC offers: In-door & outdoor swimming pools, state-of-the-art fitness center, Large lockers rooms with showers, steam and dry heat saunas, Towel service, Personal Training, Fitness classes (Yoga, Zumba, Pilates, BodyPump, Spinning, HIIT training, Water aerobics, Core Ab classes, and much more.
  • Each employee will have two FREE personal training classes that will be specifically designed for them
  • Semi-annual wellness seminars at your work place to help educate as well as motive your employees:  Better health, Nutrition, Stress reduction, Finding balance in life, Anatomy of body, Health check, which includes blood pressure, BMI, and body fat percentage analysis.

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