Finding that Work-Life-Family Balance

Categories: Fitness & Wellness,JCC

TINAwellnessI am a busy mother of three teenage boys, and I also work as a paralegal. The best way for me to manage stress and stay in shape is to work out—the Simon Family JCC provides me that opportunity.

With my hectic schedule, I have a small a window to work out during lunch. Even during that short period, the JCC has so many options:

  • a fully equipped gym with anything and everything I might need
  • great classes like Tabata and BODYPUMP
  • personal training

I love the convenience of the locker rooms and showers. It makes it easier for me to work out and get back to the office in a timely manner. And if I need to grab a bite to eat—I can always go to the Cardo Café for healthy food options.

I have met so many great people at the Center, from other members to the staff. Everyone is friendly and supportive.

I have been a member for nearly a decade, and I love working out at the Center. I will continue to be an active, happy and satisfied member.

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