Goodbyes are Not Forever

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trestfamilyMilitary families experience a lot of moves, and a lot of goodbyes.

The Trest family is no stranger to packing up and changing duty stations, but after becoming part of the Simon Family JCC’s close-knit community, they’re moving to a different duty station at the end of the summer.

Rachel is a full-time military mother. She and her husband Eric have three children attending the Center’s Beginnings Full Care, Strelitz Preschool, and the Hebrew Academy of Tidewater.

“When we came here two years ago, the JCC became our immediate family,” she says. “This welcoming community has supported us in so many ways.”

The Trests take advantage of most Center family and child-friendly programs, including Camp JCC and the Kids Connection before-and after-school program.

“From the donors who made it a reality to attend these schools and aftercare to the loving care of the Children and Family Department staff, we feel so comfortable here,” she says. “My children are getting a great Jewish education and lots of love.”

The Trest children particularly enjoy the monthly Kids Night Out program for JCC.

“My husband and I enjoy date night,” says Rachel. “But it’s our children who ask about going to Kids Night Out, which speaks volumes about how they feel about coming to the JCC.”

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