New Year, New Challenges

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NUTRITIONLet me guess – you want to lose weight or simply eat healthier in 2014. You’re not alone, as this is the most common resolution in the U.S. Despite our good intentions, research suggests that just 8% of us are able to achieve our New Year’s resolutions. That’s a 92% failure rate! I would argue that our time and energy could be better spent elsewhere.

Instead of creating lofty promises for yourself, let’s start with one concrete goal for January. I dare you to choose one of the challenges below, track your progress on a calendar and make it happen. While it’s likely to be more effective if you turn it into a competition with a friend or within your family, complete the challenge however you see fit. If you get something out of it, I double dare you to try it in February too.

Ways to Challenge Yourself:

•    COOK ONE NEW, HEALTHY MEAL PER WEEK: This will expand your healthy recipe options at home.
•    TRY ONE NEW FRUIT OR VEGETABLE EACH WEEK: This will encourage greater produce intake.
•    AIM FOR A MAX OF 1 UNHEALTHY FOOD PER MEAL: This will help with balance.

Behavior change, including weight loss, takes place when you work on altering teeny-tiny parts of your daily life, not by making lofty promises. Here’s to a fun and challenging 2014, remembering that resolutions are overrated and lifelong change takes patience.

Sources: University of Scranton

By Laura Ugokwe
Club One Nutrition Coach, RD, LD, LMNT