New Year, New You this Fall

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By Tom Purcell 

We just celebrated Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, and with each new beginning we can cleanse ourselves with bad habits and replace them with good ones. How we take care ourselves should be a top priority in our life. There’s no magic pill or surgery that can truly make you healthy other than good exercise habits and sound nutrition. There’s so much information out there, so what is the right plan?


Let’s start by making simple changes that we can accept to maintain balance in our life. Try these three simple strategies to lead you to better health this year:

– Take time out—at least 30 minutes a day— to move your body. Our bodies are designed to move.

– Watch your portions. We need food and water to survive, however we tend to consume more than that’s required. There’s nothing wrong with a good variety of foods. However, it’s the amount we take in that can lead to overweight issues and other health problems.

– Strengthen your body. By adding weight resistance training and flexibility exercises will provide you with a strong foundation to support your daily functions.


Up to half of all premature deaths in the United States are due to behavioral and other preventable factors—including modifiable habits such as tobacco use, poor diet, and lack of exercise, according to studies reviewed in a new National Research Council and Institute of Medicine report.

New Year resolutions don’t have to be broken. This is the time of year we can work hard to actualize real change. And if there is ever a time we can change, it is now.

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