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I have been a member of the Simon Family Jewish Community Center since February of 2010.  During this time, I have had the opportunity to attend many classes and work with multiple paid personal trainers.  In January of this year, I began working with Starr Kimmer Gargiullo in the group personal training class.  I received such excellent instruction that I felt I had to share my results.

As a mother of four children, I have consistently battled health and weight issues.  I have taken classes at the JCC and paid for personal training both within the JCC and with other fitness organizations.  My most recent experience with Starr Gargiullo has helped me to obtain a higher level of fitness and health than I have ever achieved.

I chose to join the ‘Group Personal Training with Starr’ specifically because her reputation as a quality trainer is well known throughout the organization.  During this time I was able to observe her working with people of all ages and fitness levels.  Mrs. Gargiullo has an amazing ability to tailor a workout program and motivate individuals who are at different levels.  I felt she was very knowledgeable and able to help me achieve results and avoid injury.

Over the last five months of working with Mrs. Gargiullo, I have lost 25 pounds and gone from a size 12 to a size 2 in clothing.  More importantly, when I began working out with Mrs. Gargiullo I was taking blood pressure medicine twice a day and my blood pressure was still uncontrolled.  My blood pressure and resting heart rate have both dropped in excess of 20 points each and I am no longer on any blood pressure medication.  My energy level has increased and I am able to enjoy my family more.

While I could have never achieved these results without Starr Kimmer Gargiullo, I am confident that with the knowledge gained from her I will be able to maintain the same level of health and fitness.  My family and I recently moved from Virginia Beach to Chesapeake.  It would be easier to join a fitness facility that is closer, but with quality trainers like Starr, I will continue to be a loyal fan and member of the Simon Family Jewish Community Center.  In fact, the results I have achieved with Mrs. Gargiullo have been a walking advertisement for the JCC.  My mother-in-law joined the JCC specifically so she could work out with Mrs. Gargiullo. Several friends of mine have begun to attend paid classes taught by Mrs. Gargiullo because they are anxious to achieve similar results.

I applaud your attention to detail in employing quality trainers like Starr Kimmer Gargiullo.  I have enclosed before and after photos to show the amazing results.  Please feel free to use them to encourage and motivate others to join the Jewish Community Center.  I can attest that the results have already increased membership and motivated others to take classes at the Simon Family Jewish Community Center.


Kristie M. Kimener


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